"Time in Kandy Duke’s care is the opportunity for my body to completely relax into the trust that her hands will know what will bring me closer to radiant wellness. Her skill set draws from a deep well of trainings and life dedication yet what happens includes as well as transcends certifications: Kandy’s hands simply receive the information needed to guide her intuitively. Of utmost integrity, Kandy is a healer to the core."

Meghan Burke, owner Healing Arts Centre

"My heart has been touched by the healing touch of Kandy. She is holy and is in touch with God’s healing Hand. Her faith is amazing and her ability to use that energy to help and to heal is life changing as well as body healing."


"With energy treatments/sessions one can definitely experience a pronounced calming and soothing effect without even feeling the sense of touch being administered - a spiritual relaxation, so to speak."

C.M., Gynecologist

"I wanted to tell you that I'm having some really good workout sessions lately with very little joint pain, especially in my neck and shoulders. My hips are very loose too, no issues with squats. I feel like the Yamuna Body Rolling is helping me so much. My trainer is used to me complaining that everything hurts, but now I'm lifting heavier weights and doing more stuff without moaning and groaning. I think we are on to something! Thank you!"


"Oh my gosh... I loved it! I can feel the muscles in my back and chest!"

"I can actually tell a difference in my posture! Back issue I was having is better and the referred pain on my right upper abdomen is gone!"
"Improvement started. I truly feel that YBR is the answer for me! Thank you so much for introducing me to this form of body work – I think of it as body care!"


"My sciatica pain is gone!"
"The hip workshop changed my life, no more pain."
"This feels like I'm getting a massage by an Octopus."
"I thought you did a good job of getting to folks and helping them especially considering the class size. My shoulders really opened up and I thought the workshop was valuable!"
"I could feel my sinuses draining as we rolled our faces - forehead and cheekbones."
"This shoulder work has helped me more than my physical therapy did."



"You'll attend the retreat to learn about healing; what you will learn is that you are a healer." Belita

"I sometimes think that those who practice yoga are very self-absorbed and self-centered. I was afraid that this retreat would reinforce that belief. However, this retreat had elements of giving yourself to another person as in the Healing Touch. Additionally, since it was a Christ centered retreat, the meditations had far more to do with contemplating Jesus' life and teachings than it had to do with achieving individual perfection. The setting at the monastery was peaceful and unhurried. I enjoyed the different services that the monks conducted...especially the Evening Vespers. The meals were simple, but I was never hungry. The rooms were sparse but had all that was needed. I would return to this setting for another retreat in a heartbeat." Lauren

"There was no way to anticipate the feeling of inner peace and calmness that I left the retreat with. I had to nudge myself a little to go off on a weekend retreat without taking a familiar buddy. Turns out that most of us had done just that very thing, and it was delightful to get to know some familiar faces a little better, and make new friends as well. For a weekend we lived simply…and came away full of so much goodness. As always, I learned from Kandy, but I also learned from each person in the group." 


​​"Thanks so much for the beautiful and well-organized experience at the Monastery retreat. What a wonderful weekend!" Peggy

"I think it was a very good weekend, and everyone not only enjoyed herself, but it had a deep emotional or spiritual impact."