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Yoga Child's Pose



Currently Hybrid (online and in person)
Yamuna Body Rolling, Yoga, Strength Training


Venmo Preferred but Check and Cash Accepted
4 session card - $66
8 session card - $128
Drop-in - $20


Weekly Online Classes - Days and times are emailed each week and posted on Facebook

YBR - body focus changes weekly, with group suggestions welcomed

Yoga - Vinyasa Flow style with offerings of Restorative classes periodically

WakeUP - Combo of cardio, weights, yoga stretch in a thirty-minute class to prepare and energize for the day!



CST/Energy Medicine, YBR (Feet, Face, Whole Body)

Pricing depends upon location and needs but typically ranges from $110 to $125 for 90 minutes.

Health Coaching/Personal Training 60 minute sessions available as packages of 10

Why I teach Yoga from a Christian Perspective (FACP)

I believe that a yoga practice should include more than the physical poses. The mindfulness of this ancient art is very helpful to our overall health - spiritual, emotional and mental. Because I am a Christian, I choose to meditate on the teachings found in the Christian Bible vs the various Hindu scriptures such as the Bagvadhgita, the Vedas, and the Upanishads. 

I know there are Christians who believe that practicing any style of yoga is against their beliefs but I find a Christ-centered approach to yoga deepens my faith.

In my class we typically begin with a biblical verse, set our personal intentions, practice poses and breathwork, chant scripture based messages, quiet our minds before the Lord and end by resting in God.

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